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Art stuff, largely. A bit of roleplay -- the host club is taking much less of my time as I'm gearing up to get the atelier functioning. Working on Aliens Built My Hot Rod and Bandar Rig. And yardwork. Lots of that, when it's not a million degrees outside. Which basically means first thing in the morning.

It's been summer since February. Normally I like the heat, but can it be fall now, please?

Today I'm making aprons. I've found that aprons are a goodness when one is doing yardwork. You would think it would not have taken me nearly forty years to figure this out, but nooooo. Nothing fancy -- just some leftover fabric and patterned on a freebie apron I got from a food magazine, with cloth ties instead of those loop buckle things. But that way, I might still have some left to wear while cooking.
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Plein air drawing, for the most part. Got an all-Fair pass and have been down at the fair at least once a week since it started. Relevant pix are on my DeviantArt. Will be doing more over the upcoming weeks. Starting to chew on card design for Aliens Built My Hot Rod and for another upcoming card game with no name yet.  Spent the last few days in Idyllwild, on a little vacation. That's been wonderful. We had a great time. Very peaceful, just walking around and enjoying the quiet. I did a bit of sketching from that too. There will be pix when I get at the scanner.

Doing a bit of study and practice on perspective drawing. I've never been formally trained on it, really, so now is the time I get to teach myself.

Still stuck on Saijiki Stories, though I'm wanting to draw it again, finally. Problem is that I need a summer myth to base Summerside on, and I can't use Tanabata because of Bridge of Birds. (It's impossible. I would end up retelling Mr. Hughart's wonderful work. Not fair to him.)

Right now I'm in the middle of picking up an empty wallet for my Copic collection, and re-organizing my art supplies for a better, more transportable selection. And Tuesday will be our local art-group meeting (I've been calling it the atelier meeting) and that should be fun.

Let me leave you with some lovely art by Kazuo Oga, courtesy of Kotaku. This? This is what I want my stuff to look like. This is what I want to be able to do -- and ideally get paid for. On the bright side, I'm beginning to see my stuff get closer to that ... on the down side, I can tell I've still got quite a way to go ...
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Lots and lots and lots of work on Mark's STARSHIPS game. It's debuting at Kingdom-Con next week. I have been rather swamped. I think we have one last thing to take care of for that, and it will be all done except the printing.

I have an application in as a background / wallpaper artist for http://www.recolor.me -- that necessitated updating my portfolio in order to have some decent backgrounds to show them.

Still playing around on GaiaOnline, but much less than I have been. It is still my game-baby, though. Playing hockey either once or twice a week (thank goodness for knee braces). Writing letters, and getting them back. Expecting an online friend to visit me in May. Watching summer barrel down on me like a Mack truck. Occasionally playing Pokemon when I have time -- ahahahaha.

Very slowly working on the yard. Very slowly working on the house. More projects in the pipe for Mark, if nothing else. Hoping to get back to working with Point of Descent at some point, if that gets off the ground again.

How've you all been?


Sep. 17th, 2013 09:38 am
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The Host Club is eating my life much in the same way, I suspect, as Alternity is eating some of my other friends' lives.

This is in some ways a good thing and in some ways a bad thing. I have a desperately active mind and need to keep it occupied, or I get depressed. And I pretty much got depressed for over a year while we were moving.

I am no longer depressed. Turning the tiny game that one of the other (departed) players started into a gigantic, powerful piece of roleplay has been an achievement I'm pleased with. I have since restructured it to give a bunch of the other players more responsibility (yay) and less for me (yay, because I am not Kyouya Ootori, even if I play him online).

Still working on fixing proper boundaries, but dear God. I needed that on so many counts. Now I need to figure out how to balance it, because I still dearly love it, and want to keep it as part of my life. I have the best players, OMG, and have made the best friends. But I need time and space to take care of my life too, now that my brain is ticking along again.

Sooo ...

Sep. 14th, 2013 12:33 pm
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I just picked up the Steampunk Tarot. Sounds whack, but the book's actually really good, and the art's amazing.

Anyone want a reading? (:
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... when you do something stupid, that you really shouldn't have done?

Yeah, I did that.

I know I'm not perfect, and I've tried to patch it as best I can, but it's broken and won't be fixed. I'm still upset and mad at myself for doing something stupid. *sigh* I'm nearly 40, I should know better.

Now I'm going to wallow in guilt for a while. Dammit. ):
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... hearing that your characterization is perfect.


and this is why roleplay, online or otherwise, is crack. (;


May. 16th, 2013 07:49 am
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Adoption stuff. It's going to be a chunk of work, and a chunk of it has to be done within the next 120 days. And then we get to wait.

The meeting was pretty good, though it got a little long at the end ... you know how these Powerpoint things go. There was a lot to cover and deal with, and we've still got a big chunk of the packet to read on our own, but we got the fingerprinting done and the "no, we're not criminals" statement done.

We got to talk with an Angels family while we were there. They had taken in a newborn born with a cocaine addiction (the birth mother's eighth child), and they are going to be adopting him. The young man was apparently just finally mostly recovered from the withdrawal, poor thing. It's going to be kind of a tangle for them, since the dad is about to be deployed for seven months. I hope things work out. They were very positive and happy about Angels, which left me feeling good about that as an option for us. They started the process in December, were licensed in January, and got the call for the young man within 40 minutes of their licensing.

I'm not too worried about the paperwork, aside from trying to turn up my therapist's name from 13 years ago (yeeg), but we need to fix the master bedroom window (cracked) and the broken pane in the master shower before our house will be certified. There are other things I'd rather fix first, but that's how things go. And we need to baby-proof the house -- seriously baby-proof, they check it all. And purchase the appropriate stuff -- bed, car seat, all that kind of thing.
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We are scheduled to go to the San Diego County adoption orientation on Wednesday, and the Angels Foster orientation on June 3. ^_^ There is of course a whole list of stuff to do besides orientation, but it's a start. That list includes a homestudy and training and background checks and all that.

I'm also starting to put together a list of things we need to do and get before we can add a wee family member ... looking forward to that, but there's a lot to do. ^_^
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Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mommies I know -- and there are a lot of you! <3 You do a great and wonderful Work. (:
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Spent a chunk of yesterday out acquiring Mother's Day cards and chocolates. Honestly, it was so peaceful. I went to the mall, got myself a turkey and havarti sammidge at Boudin's, enjoyed it all by myself, sat around with my glass of water outside and enjoyed the day, picked up stuff, got myself an iced cocoa ... it was so nice and relaxing. I need to do that kind of thing more often, rather than just running around.

Working on getting garb done for Potrero. Not feeling much motivation on it, which is not good since it's in less than two weeks. Mrgh. But since we're only there two days, we really just need cold-weather stuff and his is nearly done. Mine isn't started, though.

My Cintiq has gone back to the Wacom peoples again and they are sending me a new one, which is supposed to arrive Monday. Given how late they usually show up, I can probably be out (good, the avocado grove is supposed to be spraying), but I feel a little edgy about it. Not sure what I'm going to do about it yet.

Been doing about an hour's worth of meditation/utiseta every morning, mostly because I apparently *need* to. I'm glad to be doing it, as it seems to be working out reasonably well, but at the same time, frustrated in that it is at least a whole hour that I'm having to spend. Yeah yeah, patience, how long does that take? (TBH, I'm OK with taking the time, mostly, but am feeling guilty that I'm not Doing Stuff. Except I am doing stuff. And if I weren't meditating, I'd probably still be slacking off anyway.)


May. 2nd, 2013 07:45 am
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You know how I was moaning about the fertility people never getting back to me?

I just pinged the County for information on adoption, and they got back to me within *15 minutes*.

Edited to add: and it's not even 8am yet.

Well then.

May. 1st, 2013 03:03 pm
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After having the consultation with the fertility clinic, we've basically come to the following conclusions:

* There's nothing wrong with me as far as we can easily tell, aside from me being older and less-fertile than me-of-25, probably. (Follicle count: 7-8, not the 10 preferred.)

* We don't know if there's anything wrong with Mark, because no tests have been done for him.

* The cost of fertility treatments is completely bugfuck insane, and we'd rather spend that kind of money on a child in need than on a roll of the dice for a pregnancy.

We are probably going to discuss this a bit further over the next few days, but most likely we will be applying to an adoption agency or foster agency within the next 3-6 months, while continuing still to try on our own without further medical assistance. If we are lucky enough to have our own children, great. If we don't have biological children, that's fine. There are many kids out there who need mommies and daddies.

I am currently looking at http://www.angelsfoster.org as a likely starting candidate.
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I've been sitting on some really cute chibi designs that I made bookmarks out of for the conventions I did.

... Dummy, why haven't I stripped the backgrounds and put them up on Zazzle? *facepalm*

I'll post when they're up. Probably sometime next week.

Well then.

Apr. 22nd, 2013 03:35 pm
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While I certainly am far behind many of my friends and acquaintances in the Home Repair category, I seem to have at least acquired one or two points in it, since I just fixed faucets in all three of our bathrooms.

Simple fix -- the handles were coming off, and in one case, the faucet was leaking because the handle was coming off. So off I go to get the hex wrenches, find the right size on the first try, and fix five faucet handles so you can no longer just pull them off with your hands. Go me.


Apr. 11th, 2013 01:10 pm
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Cintiq is working again, yay. (: Just had to pop the whole thing open. 11 screws later ...

Edit: Damn, spoke too soon. Once the computer went to sleep, it lost it again and isn't getting it back. Very not-cool.
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I get the fun of disassembling it -- according to the help guy's instructions! -- in order to reseat the cables.

This requires a *screwdriver* and taking the back off the Cintiq. Seriously. User-friendly, it is not.

Actually, I think it will be fun, but it's enough work that I'm not doing it tonight. I'll do it tomorrow after I get back from the doctor's.


Apr. 8th, 2013 03:44 pm
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There are reasons why Summerside is taking forever. At this point, the question is to the tune of ... "well, of course X is going to do Y, X would be a fool not to, what with having the means, motive, and opportunity for grand success at it. How does our heroine escape that particular peril?"

I will actually script Summerside and get it up and posted one of these days. I swear. It's just a lot more complicated than it looks on the outside.


Apr. 5th, 2013 01:16 pm
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Haven't posted in a while. Various things are going on. My folks are moving -- they bought an amazing new-to-them house that was a custom build about 10 years ago.

I've been working on Blender (ech. ptui. but slowly getting there.) and on stuff for Jump War, and trying to find enough brain to script Summerside, which hasn't appeared yet. Still slowly working on BMAG stuff as I can manage. Also working on the house and the yard. I've spent the past couple mornings pruning pepper trees. As far as I can tell, there are two pepper tree weeds that they never bothered to pull out growing on our slope. Right now I can't afford to tear up the slope, so they get to stay, but they're getting pruned to be trees, rather than bushes. I've also pruned the big pepper tree from our neighbor's yard that was growing into our yard.

I'm supposed to be dayboard-o-crat for Summergate Anniversary, and aside from that, a couple days at Potrero and archery practice, I think I'm going to be cutting most of the SCA stuff I'm doing. It's really time- and money-consuming and I just don't have either of those right now. Though I really would like to do more rapier. I love it, but the logistics are brutal.

This weekend there will be work on sprinklers, more work on Jump War, visiting my parents' new house ...
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Dear little one, I want to let you know -- yes, I kept your dolls. I kept them for 28 years. They spent a lot of time in a big luggage box, which you wouldn't have been happy about. I wasn't very happy about it either, but they were safe, and they stayed with me.

I'm much older now, married to the the best man ever (and you'll never believe how I met him), and we have a nice house with lots of room. We're hoping to have our own little one, which I know you hadn't really thought of as an option at that age. He helped me put up a shelf in the room where our future little one will live, and all five of those dolls are on that shelf, where I can see them every day and play with them if I want to. And maybe our little one will play with them too.

You took really good care of your dollies, sweetie, especially since I know how much you played with them. I changed out their rubber bands, because they didn't last thirty years, so Angie and Rennie and Pauline all have nice new ponytail elastics. I see where you carefully sewed their fingers and wrists back together, because while your dollies were very expressive, they didn't always hold up to your enthusiasm for making them hold things and talk with their hands.

I am amazed that you were so careful with their clothes and their clothing patterns. The only things that are missing are hair ribbons, and we both know how easy those were to lose. All the shoes and socks and even the little beach towel are still in the box. Maggie still has her pacifier, and every one of them still has their original diaper, though Marty's is scotch-taped together. I think all the pattern pieces are there, and I know you used them, because there are two outfits that you sewed yourself in with the rest of their clothes.

When I get a chance, I'm going to hand-wash their clothes, because they were well loved, and see if I can find a way to clean up their faces a little bit, because they were well loved too. And maybe I'll get around to making some of those outfits you never did, because you were wise enough to save those patterns for a later time, when you could afford more fabric and understand sewing a little better.

You did good, little one. I'll carry that forward for you. *hugs and love*


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