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Lots and lots and lots of work on Mark's STARSHIPS game. It's debuting at Kingdom-Con next week. I have been rather swamped. I think we have one last thing to take care of for that, and it will be all done except the printing.

I have an application in as a background / wallpaper artist for http://www.recolor.me -- that necessitated updating my portfolio in order to have some decent backgrounds to show them.

Still playing around on GaiaOnline, but much less than I have been. It is still my game-baby, though. Playing hockey either once or twice a week (thank goodness for knee braces). Writing letters, and getting them back. Expecting an online friend to visit me in May. Watching summer barrel down on me like a Mack truck. Occasionally playing Pokemon when I have time -- ahahahaha.

Very slowly working on the yard. Very slowly working on the house. More projects in the pipe for Mark, if nothing else. Hoping to get back to working with Point of Descent at some point, if that gets off the ground again.

How've you all been?

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I've been sitting on some really cute chibi designs that I made bookmarks out of for the conventions I did.

... Dummy, why haven't I stripped the backgrounds and put them up on Zazzle? *facepalm*

I'll post when they're up. Probably sometime next week.
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House is over 50% unpacked. Mostly at the point of unpacking books and games and doing a secondary cull. Mostly failing on culling books. I keep finding things that I'm glad I saved.

Debating what to do with the box of Re-Ment, as I like having it around, but it's a thing. The LEGO is likely to head to Bricklink. A bunch of the miniatures games will probably go, too.

Also need to redo the emergency kit, as I discovered that the big emergency kit is really not well designed for me to move, back when we were moving out of the Pegasus house. Most of it is heavy. /:

Still need to install more shelving in the garage and get the garage organized, but it's moving along, slowly.

Today's mission is to get my home business moved to my new home, get groceries, and actually maybe get some work done. I'm being frustrated by wanting to get back to Saijiki Stories, but without the Modbook, that's becoming problematic. I don't have quite enough money for a Cintiq. So ... back to work, hopefully with great alacrity and lots of hours, so I can afford one, and then hopefully back to Saijiki Stories too.

Been tired in the mornings. Would like to not be. Been going to bed on time, so not entirely sure what's wrong. Maybe just that it's socked-in with fog these past few days.


Jun. 18th, 2012 07:14 pm
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Blender is a miserable piece of abandoned sodden toilet paper.

That is all.

(I could get into a long rant, but it wouldn't make sense to anyone who's not at least a little familiar with how 3D objects go together.)
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Right now, I'm breathing. (:

I did a second dry run of my con table tonight. It's going to be great. I have space for the DVDs and the iPad playing a continuous loop of New Year. I have space for the ashcans. I have space for the mini art pieces (artist trading cards). I have space for the bookmarks. I have enough space for me to do more trading cards while it is slow.

I'm not going to worry about getting prints done. If I did them, my table would be cluttered. It is at a perfect zen-like state of just enough, with some perfect and some messy and it's just right.

I still have things I need to do. I need to put together a portfolio and get some small change, and put together price signs and stuff. But right now, I can *breathe*.

It's going to be OK.
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I do not have time to work on Magellanus Jones right now, although it's been handed to me all pretty and beautiful and it's gonna ROCK and dang it, I am gonna do Aliens Built My Hot Rod after Saijiki Stories ... heaven help me, I'll have to find a way to do them both.

And I need a proper title for Magellanus Jones.

....on the bright side, once I have MJ and Hot Rod going, I can go to pretty much any con I want -- fantasy, sci-fi, or steampunk. Ooog. *headdesk*

(EDIT: I should add that MJ is not really a comic. More like Griffin and Sabine. I really wanna do it.)


May. 20th, 2011 03:17 pm
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Guess who got her banner for AnimeExpo?

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Outside of a Saijiki Stories spinoff: chibi movie monsters (sketched), Kino (Kino's Journey, sketch in progress), Max and Monica (Dark Cloud 2 -- Max in sketch progress, Monica sketched), various Harvest Moon folks (only at concept stage, need to get my PSP charged 'cause I'm going to do the classics from Back to Nature and I don't have that guide any more) ...

I'll take suggestions too, but I'm liking what I have so far. Debating adding the Secret/Legend of Mana spirits, as well.

Everything still needs ink and color, and I need to get to the Saijiki Stories ashcan, but that's sort of a day-type project, as opposed to a sit-in-front-of-the-TV-and-draw project.
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I have completed the commission for which I was paid.


And I'm actually pretty pleased with it. Though if I had to do it over again, I'd rather have known the dimensions before I started coming up with ideas. I had a terrific idea for an entirely *different* design hit me AFTER I'd done the sketch and ink and been planning the color and background. Oy. {:

I actually gave out three business cards today, to three different people. I need to redesign my business cards. {: I have a super-cheap quote on a banner and quotes for my as-yet-undrawn-but-written-out ashchan. I bought a cash box and some sales books and a pen for detecting counterfeit bills. I have my MiniMonsters sketches imported and they need coloring. I have everything squared away for Saijiki Stories except for four comics to color, which will put me through the week after AnimeExpo in my buffer.

I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.


May. 5th, 2011 11:34 am
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I have found a couple of resources for artists and graphic designers, for business models and so forth, that I am checking out of the library.

Right now I am feeling overwhelmed at "so much to learn, so little I know, so not wanting to screw up, so not wanting to waste my time." Agh.

I know I can produce art that I like and that other people like. I just really need to figure out the whole business end of things, and it's scary and intimidating and frustrating and hard to chunk. Hence the books, and the hoping it helps. (Hat tip to boygirlparty for having this stuff up on her website.)


Apr. 25th, 2011 08:48 pm
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I am slowly making art and putting it up over there. My account is:

You'll find various odds and ends, including some of the highlights from Saijiki Stories. Slowly working through requests. Been sick -- it's taken me a week just to start drawing again and getting things up.


Apr. 13th, 2011 09:03 am
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I may be trying to feed my Wordpress blog (the Autumnside one) to Dreamwidth and LJ. I understand there is a plugin to do such things, but if anyone I know has experience with such things, advice is gratefully accepted. (: Trying to be more visible on the interwebs.
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Hiya peoples!

In an effort to do a little more art, I would like to do more work outside my comic. Problem: I don't know what I want to draw half the time. (I suspect this is partially due to being rusty on said issue, and partially due to being a scanner -- too many things, can't decide!)

So I have a request. Will you give me things -- ideas -- objects -- stories -- whatever! to draw, paint, doodle, and otherwise make art of? They don't have to be complicated. Simple is fine. (Simple may be good, actually, as I'm tempted to pick up my sumi-e brushes again.) I will take the list, make arts, and post them to DeviantArt, which means that you get to see them, and maybe I get a little more web traffic.

Thank you much. Many appreciatives. (:


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