May. 16th, 2013 07:49 am
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Adoption stuff. It's going to be a chunk of work, and a chunk of it has to be done within the next 120 days. And then we get to wait.

The meeting was pretty good, though it got a little long at the end ... you know how these Powerpoint things go. There was a lot to cover and deal with, and we've still got a big chunk of the packet to read on our own, but we got the fingerprinting done and the "no, we're not criminals" statement done.

We got to talk with an Angels family while we were there. They had taken in a newborn born with a cocaine addiction (the birth mother's eighth child), and they are going to be adopting him. The young man was apparently just finally mostly recovered from the withdrawal, poor thing. It's going to be kind of a tangle for them, since the dad is about to be deployed for seven months. I hope things work out. They were very positive and happy about Angels, which left me feeling good about that as an option for us. They started the process in December, were licensed in January, and got the call for the young man within 40 minutes of their licensing.

I'm not too worried about the paperwork, aside from trying to turn up my therapist's name from 13 years ago (yeeg), but we need to fix the master bedroom window (cracked) and the broken pane in the master shower before our house will be certified. There are other things I'd rather fix first, but that's how things go. And we need to baby-proof the house -- seriously baby-proof, they check it all. And purchase the appropriate stuff -- bed, car seat, all that kind of thing.

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Good luck! I hope that next Mother's Day, I can send *you* a card. :)

Date: 2013-05-20 12:31 am (UTC)
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Oh, dear -- NO! STOP THAT!! That was not my intent at all - really really really it wasn't, and please stop feeling guilty, or I'll have to feel guilty too, for phrasing it that way. I mean it.

What I meant by my VERY bad phrasing was that I hoped you would *be* a mom by then, so that I could celebrate with you about it. And long distance usually means a card.

But I'm very glad you *didn't* send me a card this year, because by the end of mother's day, if anybody had asked me what I wanted for mother's day, it would have been either a) The day off ([personal profile] mindways gave me that, bless him) or b) for people to stop talking about Mother's day. :)

So you gave me what I wanted! Stop with the guilty please!

(PS. But if you ever want to send me cards, do so anyway. It's not weird. You're family, remember? My Bigsis.)
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