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The class went well enough. I'd have liked to have been better organized, but it went well.

I am so tired. Didn't get to sleep last night until after midnight. *falls over*
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... that when Brigid asked me to do a class on Japanese garb for the costumers' guild, I'd wind up writing a 25-page paper (OK, with illustrations), I'd have planned more than a week to do it.

I'm up to the references, and they're not going to be fancy.
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Rapier makes it all better. I'm beginning to think I need to go twice a week, but that would probably mean dropping archery. /:
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The joys of a half-acre lot are many. Maintenance, for me, is actually kind of one of them.

The gardeners were kind enough to utterly obliterate the weeds on our seventy-five steps leading up to the upper patio, so Mark and I went out this weekend and bought six trays of dymondia. We put in four on Saturday, and I just put in the other two today.

We have thirteen steps left to complete, if we don't count the lower three steps that are not part of the main stairway. So, two more trays, and some work to determine how to fix the sprinklers up near the patio, as the ones on the top five steps aren't getting any water.

In theory, they will grow in nicely and fill in the spaces between the steps. They have nice long taproots and should help hold the soil in place so that the steps are less likely to come down (yay).

Now, I go clean up, for lo, I am a muddy mess. (:


Feb. 28th, 2013 02:01 pm
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Been a semi-full week for me. Been feeling mildly sickish (temp has ranged from my normal 98.6 to 99.1 and back), spent time handling lots of household stuff, visiting with my niece, and working on a Japanese garb class for the costumer's guild. Lots more to do on that last.

I finally ordered and got a new riser for my bow so I can shoot right-handed. ... Truth be told, I may be a passable archer, but I'm obviously a better fencer. I got handed Marco's blade and immediately went "oh, that's WAY better than mine", purely by feel. I never get that experience with bows. {: The new riser is quite pretty -- goldy-brown and dark brown. Now I basically have a complete second bow, left-handed. Hoping to find someone to sell it to. And I get to go back to shooting with my own equipment, yay. (: Just as soon as I get a shelf cover or a arrow rest on this thing.
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RARRRRR. (: Wanna go somewhere, do something! Nothing that I have on hand, something NEW, or something old enough that it's new again -- something exciting. RARRRR!

Help. {:
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The Yiynova tablet that I picked up to hopefully replace my dead Modbook is unfortunately junk. The pen sensitivity changes as you're working, it can't be calibrated properly, and it buzzes -- which is minor but really annoying.

I have to say I'm pretty disappointed. On the bright side, I can probably return it and get my money back, and I saved the box just in case.

Back to trying to save up for a Cintiq, I guess. ):


Feb. 18th, 2013 10:05 am
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It's supposed to rain tomorrow, but it's beautifully sunny right now. I went out and sat in the mulberry tree and watched the birdies come in for landings above me. The birdie bomber squadron is out today in full force, as are the crows and the hummingbirds and some other birdies that I don't know yet.

There are flowers on my tomato plant -- the one I planted in the hydroponics tub last July. It wasn't pleased about getting frostbitten, but the parts that survived are starting to grow again.

It's just really nice out there. I would rather like to spend the whole day out there puttering, but other duties need doing too.
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Sir Gamyl: "You look really comfortable in that." Me: "I am!"

Had a grand time at fighter practice. Worked hard, definitely need to get stronger, definitely need to work on my mechanics, but I feel GREAT. I just plain get more (lots more) exercise endorphins when it's competitive.

Mark has ended up with my helmet -- it was way too big for me. I now have what was to be his, which is just about the right size but needs a touch more padding -- I like a tighter fit. Conveniently, there was someone moving who was selling his kit ... and it fits Mark mostly! He got a really good deal on it.

The rest of my kit is pretty awesome for not being custom-made. I need to improve the back protection, which is insufficient, and get some boots that come up a bit higher, or the greaves are going to rub. They may still rub anyway, we'll see. May want a different set of gloves for fighting as opposed to combat archery and siege, but otherwise, it is all good.

I need a sword and a shield, and I'm totally going to steal Gamyl's Talhoffer shield at least in concept, as it's great -- light and maneuverable, good coverage, and the extra (and period!) bits that stick up from the top and the bottom make it very very protective. Rattan for swords can be bought from HH Perkins, so that's on my to-do list.

Oh. And I am already pleasantly sore. OMG, that's a great workout.


Jan. 18th, 2013 10:11 pm
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I was over at Master Quinn's and Lady Liadan's this evening to try on Liadan's armor.

Aside from the knees on the greaves being in the wrong spot (fixable, that's a pair of leather straps that need replacing), the armored coat being a touch tight under the arms (fixable, just needs to be slightly trimmed, no metal there) and the helmet padding being a fraction too tight (fixable, shave it down carefully until it fits), it fits perfectly.

I'm amazed. And excited! I'm going back Monday to help get it tweaked, and I'm hoping it's coming home with me then. (:
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Recipe on my blog, here:


This is goooooooood. <3
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I just printed out the menu from Calafian Anniversary, to go along with the menu I brought home from Twelfth Night. So I can start a binder. With space to take notes.

Um. Yeah.

(WHY do I not have a food icon? *boggle*)
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Slept through the night for the first time since 12/21. I feel a lot better today. Not 100%, but way better than even yesterday.


Jan. 2nd, 2013 03:36 pm
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Back from the doctor's. Now I get to wait.

On the bright side, the tech had either the world's greatest poker face or didn't see anything unusual enough to merit a reaction ...

New Year

Jan. 2nd, 2013 08:21 am
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Spent a lovely day yesterday with a huge pile of my gamer friends, cooking and gaming.

I'd like to say I have New Year resolutions, but right now, I just want to make it through the ultrasound, hopefully with nothing else required to fix me besides time. It is this afternoon at 1.

I am not feeling positive about this. I've had a couple days where I've felt better, but also a couple days, including yesterday, where I was in a large enough amount of pain that it required double doses of Advil to bring down.

Good thoughts and positive energy would be nice, if you have them to spare.
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We hosted our traditional Christmas Eve yesterday, and it was wonderful. <3 My family came, my *grandparents* came -- and I was worried they wouldn't. We all had a wonderful time and enough food for an army.

I'm still beat, but it was worth it. We did my grandfolks proud, carrying on the family traditions. Mark is the bestest helper and husband ever, by the way.

Today we're going over to my parents' house, and it will just be the four of us. Peaceful and quiet.

Best wishes to you and all of yours -- may you be surrounded by your loved ones and know joy in your heart. Merry Christmas.
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Me, in my shiny new rapier gear. Gorget by the infamous WaynO. (;

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... But I had to make dinner and run off to fighter practice. (;

I won a grain mill! One of the fabulous blog people I follow had a raffle and I won! Eeeeee! I can't wait to try milling my own flours. (: I wouldn't have bought one on my own any time soon -- you could buy a really nice netbook for what one of these costs! OMG, so excited. <3

Also, Wayno finished my gorget and it is awesome -- floats in all directions, and comfortable enough to wear with no padding (it will be padded, though). (:
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I've come to the following conclusions, in a nutshell:

* Heavy list is not for me until I improve my core strength and repair my knees. Especially the "repair the knees" part. Combat archery might be OK, but I am otherwise not capable of doing heavy list at this body state without serious potential for self-injury. This is honestly a relief. I have too many hobbies as it is.

* Unarmored remains awesome. Worked on some German drills under Johann's guidance, which were a kick and a half. Would like to try them with the rapier, too. I can think of ways to slightly modify the buckler drills to practice the "cone of steel" for rapier. Woot.

* Did not actually get to play with rapiers last night, but all of the other purchased equipment seems solid and sound for rapier purposes. The gloves are absolutely not heavy enough for unarmored, and we both will be ordering a set for that purpose.

Met a bunch of cool people, too. (: Overall a splendid sweaty time; I got a great workout, too.


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