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Plein air drawing, for the most part. Got an all-Fair pass and have been down at the fair at least once a week since it started. Relevant pix are on my DeviantArt. Will be doing more over the upcoming weeks. Starting to chew on card design for Aliens Built My Hot Rod and for another upcoming card game with no name yet.  Spent the last few days in Idyllwild, on a little vacation. That's been wonderful. We had a great time. Very peaceful, just walking around and enjoying the quiet. I did a bit of sketching from that too. There will be pix when I get at the scanner.

Doing a bit of study and practice on perspective drawing. I've never been formally trained on it, really, so now is the time I get to teach myself.

Still stuck on Saijiki Stories, though I'm wanting to draw it again, finally. Problem is that I need a summer myth to base Summerside on, and I can't use Tanabata because of Bridge of Birds. (It's impossible. I would end up retelling Mr. Hughart's wonderful work. Not fair to him.)

Right now I'm in the middle of picking up an empty wallet for my Copic collection, and re-organizing my art supplies for a better, more transportable selection. And Tuesday will be our local art-group meeting (I've been calling it the atelier meeting) and that should be fun.

Let me leave you with some lovely art by Kazuo Oga, courtesy of Kotaku. This? This is what I want my stuff to look like. This is what I want to be able to do -- and ideally get paid for. On the bright side, I'm beginning to see my stuff get closer to that ... on the down side, I can tell I've still got quite a way to go ...


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