Sep. 4th, 2012 08:39 pm
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Twenty-six out of thirty. Two weeks in a row.

Average today was somewhere around 19-20 -- mostly 20s-22s, with a low of 16 (not counting my first end), and a couple of 18s and 19s.

Edited to add: Shot three rounds on, one round off, and got in at least 15 rounds. Ice when I got home, but no Advil. Mildly achy this morning, but not bad.
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Taking it easy today because I suspect a virus is trying to eat me. Only overt symptom is the usual swollen lymph node. I am suddenly very suspicious that the tooth sensitivity might be related, given that I've gotten the *weirdest* viral symptoms over the past year or so.

Re: the tooth sensitivity thing -- been having cold/heat sensitivity in upper right second premolar for the past week. It branches out to the first premolar and the first molar. Annoying as heck, but nothing immediately visible on the X-rays. I'm having to use Sensodyne (blech -- thank goodness for generics) and it's supposed to go away within a few weeks. We'll see. My hygienist claims that gum recession is basically non-fixable, only treatable. I am hoping that she's wrong, because this seems pretty minor. /: (I don't expect her to be wrong. But I can hope.)

Been working more on learning InDesign. About halfway through the InDesign book that I have, which is good. Pretty straightforward, but I needed the review.

Just got back from the nursery, where I picked up some seeds for my mom-in-law for her birthday, and Joann's, where I restocked my sewing machine needles (desperately needed) and found some inexpensive black denim and red-and-tan striped cotton remnants that I'm planning to use as part of my bow sock. Should be nice. Pix at some point. Yes, I know I always say that. Sometimes I do actually post them. (:


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