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Lots and lots and lots of work on Mark's STARSHIPS game. It's debuting at Kingdom-Con next week. I have been rather swamped. I think we have one last thing to take care of for that, and it will be all done except the printing.

I have an application in as a background / wallpaper artist for http://www.recolor.me -- that necessitated updating my portfolio in order to have some decent backgrounds to show them.

Still playing around on GaiaOnline, but much less than I have been. It is still my game-baby, though. Playing hockey either once or twice a week (thank goodness for knee braces). Writing letters, and getting them back. Expecting an online friend to visit me in May. Watching summer barrel down on me like a Mack truck. Occasionally playing Pokemon when I have time -- ahahahaha.

Very slowly working on the yard. Very slowly working on the house. More projects in the pipe for Mark, if nothing else. Hoping to get back to working with Point of Descent at some point, if that gets off the ground again.

How've you all been?

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I've been sitting on some really cute chibi designs that I made bookmarks out of for the conventions I did.

... Dummy, why haven't I stripped the backgrounds and put them up on Zazzle? *facepalm*

I'll post when they're up. Probably sometime next week.


Apr. 25th, 2011 08:48 pm
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I am slowly making art and putting it up over there. My account is:

You'll find various odds and ends, including some of the highlights from Saijiki Stories. Slowly working through requests. Been sick -- it's taken me a week just to start drawing again and getting things up.
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Hiya peoples!

In an effort to do a little more art, I would like to do more work outside my comic. Problem: I don't know what I want to draw half the time. (I suspect this is partially due to being rusty on said issue, and partially due to being a scanner -- too many things, can't decide!)

So I have a request. Will you give me things -- ideas -- objects -- stories -- whatever! to draw, paint, doodle, and otherwise make art of? They don't have to be complicated. Simple is fine. (Simple may be good, actually, as I'm tempted to pick up my sumi-e brushes again.) I will take the list, make arts, and post them to DeviantArt, which means that you get to see them, and maybe I get a little more web traffic.

Thank you much. Many appreciatives. (:


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