Mar. 25th, 2013

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Dear little one, I want to let you know -- yes, I kept your dolls. I kept them for 28 years. They spent a lot of time in a big luggage box, which you wouldn't have been happy about. I wasn't very happy about it either, but they were safe, and they stayed with me.

I'm much older now, married to the the best man ever (and you'll never believe how I met him), and we have a nice house with lots of room. We're hoping to have our own little one, which I know you hadn't really thought of as an option at that age. He helped me put up a shelf in the room where our future little one will live, and all five of those dolls are on that shelf, where I can see them every day and play with them if I want to. And maybe our little one will play with them too.

You took really good care of your dollies, sweetie, especially since I know how much you played with them. I changed out their rubber bands, because they didn't last thirty years, so Angie and Rennie and Pauline all have nice new ponytail elastics. I see where you carefully sewed their fingers and wrists back together, because while your dollies were very expressive, they didn't always hold up to your enthusiasm for making them hold things and talk with their hands.

I am amazed that you were so careful with their clothes and their clothing patterns. The only things that are missing are hair ribbons, and we both know how easy those were to lose. All the shoes and socks and even the little beach towel are still in the box. Maggie still has her pacifier, and every one of them still has their original diaper, though Marty's is scotch-taped together. I think all the pattern pieces are there, and I know you used them, because there are two outfits that you sewed yourself in with the rest of their clothes.

When I get a chance, I'm going to hand-wash their clothes, because they were well loved, and see if I can find a way to clean up their faces a little bit, because they were well loved too. And maybe I'll get around to making some of those outfits you never did, because you were wise enough to save those patterns for a later time, when you could afford more fabric and understand sewing a little better.

You did good, little one. I'll carry that forward for you. *hugs and love*


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