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Spent a chunk of yesterday out acquiring Mother's Day cards and chocolates. Honestly, it was so peaceful. I went to the mall, got myself a turkey and havarti sammidge at Boudin's, enjoyed it all by myself, sat around with my glass of water outside and enjoyed the day, picked up stuff, got myself an iced cocoa ... it was so nice and relaxing. I need to do that kind of thing more often, rather than just running around.

Working on getting garb done for Potrero. Not feeling much motivation on it, which is not good since it's in less than two weeks. Mrgh. But since we're only there two days, we really just need cold-weather stuff and his is nearly done. Mine isn't started, though.

My Cintiq has gone back to the Wacom peoples again and they are sending me a new one, which is supposed to arrive Monday. Given how late they usually show up, I can probably be out (good, the avocado grove is supposed to be spraying), but I feel a little edgy about it. Not sure what I'm going to do about it yet.

Been doing about an hour's worth of meditation/utiseta every morning, mostly because I apparently *need* to. I'm glad to be doing it, as it seems to be working out reasonably well, but at the same time, frustrated in that it is at least a whole hour that I'm having to spend. Yeah yeah, patience, how long does that take? (TBH, I'm OK with taking the time, mostly, but am feeling guilty that I'm not Doing Stuff. Except I am doing stuff. And if I weren't meditating, I'd probably still be slacking off anyway.)
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