Jan. 22nd, 2013

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Sir Gamyl: "You look really comfortable in that." Me: "I am!"

Had a grand time at fighter practice. Worked hard, definitely need to get stronger, definitely need to work on my mechanics, but I feel GREAT. I just plain get more (lots more) exercise endorphins when it's competitive.

Mark has ended up with my helmet -- it was way too big for me. I now have what was to be his, which is just about the right size but needs a touch more padding -- I like a tighter fit. Conveniently, there was someone moving who was selling his kit ... and it fits Mark mostly! He got a really good deal on it.

The rest of my kit is pretty awesome for not being custom-made. I need to improve the back protection, which is insufficient, and get some boots that come up a bit higher, or the greaves are going to rub. They may still rub anyway, we'll see. May want a different set of gloves for fighting as opposed to combat archery and siege, but otherwise, it is all good.

I need a sword and a shield, and I'm totally going to steal Gamyl's Talhoffer shield at least in concept, as it's great -- light and maneuverable, good coverage, and the extra (and period!) bits that stick up from the top and the bottom make it very very protective. Rattan for swords can be bought from HH Perkins, so that's on my to-do list.

Oh. And I am already pleasantly sore. OMG, that's a great workout.


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